Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church is located in the heart of Houston’s Sunnyside Community.  For over 50 years we have been providing a spirit filled environment for worshippers to come and praise the Lord.  Our mission at the church is to spread the word of God, while leading others to Christ. 

At Greater Hope Missionary Baptist Church we are committed to serving the Lord by ministering to the total needs, of the total man.  If we can be of any assistance to you spiritually, please feel free to contact the church or drop send us an email. Also, we welcome you to come join us for one of our dynamic worship experiences.  “You Won’t Leave Here Like You Came, In Jesus Name”.

Upcoming Events 


FELLOWSHIP: 6/1/2014 God's Tabernacle of Praise (Rev. L. Hurd, Pastor) @ 3:00PM

GRADUATES DAY 6/8/2014 @ Greater Hope Church 10:30AM

FELLOWSHIP: 6/8/2014 New Providence (Rev. R. Minifee, Pastor) @ 3:30PM

FATHER'S DAY 6/15/2014 Greater Hope will be Honoring all Fathers !!!

Deaconess Bake Sale 6/22/2014 @ Greater Hope Church

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL @ Greater Hope Church 6/24/2014-6/27/2014

MISSION SUNDAY: 6/29/2014 Greater Hope (Women In Action)

FELLOWSHIP: 6/29/2014 Greater Mt. Olive (Rev. B. Lacey) @ 11:00PM

Remembering Church Yesterday - CD Release

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